The endearing experience of exploring with Gravel Bikes

The draw of the road bike has always had a special place in my heart since swapping out the teenage mountain bike for my first ‘fast bike’, the draw has kept me passionate about the road bikes for the past 10 years, and the dawn of technology (especially strava and instagram) has kept that fast road bike irreplaceable in many respects for many people.

It wasn’t too long ago that I first heard of the adventure bike, and then the gravel bike. I actually explored this genre first with Cannondale’s superb CAADX cyclocross bike at the time when disc breaks were becoming more popular amongst CX but still not allowed within the pro race peleton on the road. I ran the CAADX with two sets of wheels – 28mm GP4000’s for road and commuting, and GravelKings for bridal paths and a spot of bike packing.

The All-Road Adventure Bike captured my imagination at this moment.

Bicycles at the heart of it, are a means for us to explore the countryside around us, the roads take us out of cities and down back lanes, across the up and downs covering some pretty extensive mileage at times. But… with the extended ability that an All-Road Adventure bike brings I wasn’t quite prepared for the fun and exploration that it could open up.

Muddy is the new clean…. #LovetheRoad – All of them…!

In the past 6-9 months I’ve explored more of my local area (Surrey Hills) and discovered the hidden beauty of the bridal paths, muddy tracks, forrest paths and gravel roads that until recently were probably kept exclusive to farmers and dog walkers – its truly magical where you can get and what you can find when you’re not worried about the next pothole pinch flat or puncture from road debris.

Share your experiences of All-Road and Gravel below in the comments or on Insta #LovetheRoad

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