London-Paris-London 600km 72 Hour Challenge, 1st-4th May 2020

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We combine a London-Paris in 24 Hours Challenge with the long-distance multi-day fun of riding back home too in a 600km epic long distance cycling trip over 4 days.

What's the route?

Leaving London Friday afternoon we zip down to Newhaven for the overnight ferry, which arrives at 5am in Dieppe where we hit up a stunning 190km route on Day 2 down through Northern France to Paris.

Day 3 sees an early start again and a slightly different route back towards Dieppe for the evening overnight ferry back to Newhaven, waking up as we arrive into the UK you'll ride through the South Downs on Day 4 and arrive back in London around Monday lunchtime.

How is LPL in 72 hours possible?

We've managed this in a small team before in 72 hours over 4 days riding no more than a 25kph avg on the 2x190km legs (day 2 & 3), The ride leaves Friday at noon and arrives back in London Monday at noon.

Is it fully supported or am I on my own?

We considered this as a fully un-supported ride as a Bike Packing or Audax style event, but felt it would be better to offer some level of support to riders. Two Ride Leaders will support the ride, ensuring routing/safety/logistics are managed but in order of still providing that Adventure food will be carried and bought by the rider when food stops are navigated upon the route (don't worry, we've scoped several).

Both Ferry costs and 3x nights acommodation is included, 2 nights on the Ferry in shared Cabin's and 1 Night just outside Paris. Food is at your own cost.

How many riders will attend?

We prefer our events to be tight knit group and ride together at a sensible but punchy pace around 20-25kph avg. For this ride there will be a maximum of 18 riders.