About Us


This picture pretty much sums up everything you need to know about VeloVelo. Two guys who went to school together and remained firm friends for 25 years, have come together again to create a small but exciting bike company... (Though these days there is a little less after school detention and a little more freedom of expression!)

The idea is simple: We are both bananas about bikes and believe we can make some which are better quality, more beautiful and more fun (!) than any of the high street brands... So here we are, working with award winning Master Frame Builders to create small batches of artisan bikes. Hopefully you’ll get the same buzz from them that we do.

If you are bananas about bikes too: Follow our blog and keep an eye out for rides and events. If you want something really special to ride on your next adventure - handmade in the UK, with unique design features and beautiful life-lasting quality - then check out our bikes!

We hope that like what we do, and follow along with our antics and adventures.

 -   Barry and Jamie   -

PS: We have several demo rigs ready to go and love to get bums on seats, so get in touch if you fancy giving them a go (no obligation, we just enjoy meeting people and riding).