Maratona dles Dolomites

'The Maratona' is quite simply one of THE top rides we've ever completed. Set in the spectacular Dolemites mountain range in the north of Italy, the event has been running since 1987 and today hosts more than 9,000 participants from 68 countries. Starting at 6:30am on the Sunday, the route follows 138km of closed roads through 4230m of climbing, taking you through chilly frosty valleys and smouldering hot sunny peaks... and all the time you'll be surrounded by some of the most incredible and beautiful mountain views in the world. An absolute MUST for your top ten list.

The Climbs:

Best Bit: Descending Passo Gardena back into Alta Badia at the bottom of the valley. It's extremely fast, with over 20 switch backs and lasts around ten minutes. Towards the end there is a long descending straight where if you put the power down will comfortably hit 80kmph leaving you feeling like an absolute champ, before re-ascending Passo Campolongo for the second time.

Worst Bit: Passo de Giao is tough. Really tough. With gradients averaging 9% and peaking at 17%, this 10km slog fest in the last 30km of the day will really test your metal. Make sure you top up at the water & fuel station at the base of the climb,  else you could very well end up bonking half way up in the heat (I did the first time I raced!).


  • Join the Maratona Strava Group
  • Book accomodation early and stay in Corvara or as close to as possible.
  • Corvara becomes a 'Cycling Mecca' for the event, so make sure you stay for several days (six is the soft spot).
  • For race day pack a super light weight stuff jacket for the early morning descents.
  • Hit up the Pinnarello museum at La Perla Hotel. It's on the south side of town near the base of Compalongo, the coffee is great and its where we saw Bradly Wiggins in 2017.
  • Save the day before/after the race to take the Col Alto ski lift. There is great restaurant at the top with incredible views over the valley, then it's a 45 minute easy walk back through the meadows into town again.
  • Go back every year - it really does not get old.

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