Instagram cycling hashtags that we love and follow

As much as we love to be out on bikes, we alos spend quite a bit of time dreaming about being on bikes at times when we’re not able to be… the rise of instagram has only led to more and more dreaming during the train commute, boring work meeting, on holidays without bikes (WHO […]

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The endearing experience of exploring with Gravel Bikes

The draw of the road bike has always had a special place in my heart since swapping out the teenage mountain bike for my first ‘fast bike’, the draw has kept me passionate about the road bikes for the past 10 years, and the dawn of technology (especially strava and instagram) has kept that fast […]

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Hello Velo

Well this is our first post, we’ll replace it soon but for now here is a little thought about our first bike. With Aura, its about where it can take you and how it makes you feel when you’re there. Fast geometry along with all-road clearances allow you to run up to 35mm gravel tyres, […]

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