About Us


Velovelo is built around our passion for cycling, and firm belief that it gives us more than just a ride into work… Cycling gives us a community, freedom, expression and a whole lot of fun! We came to this conclusion over an inspired mid week juice bar catch-up, from which we started to look across the industry to find ways that we could get more involved. Our key discovery is the huge gap between off-the-shelf bikes (that we’ve all bought from the high street shops), and the super high-end, hand made custom bikes that we see in the magazines & dream of one day owning. Surely there must be a way to take all that knowledge & craftsmanship from bespoke builders, use it to create a phenomenal bike, in small batches to enable a lower price point that is accessible for everyone?.. Well the answer is yes, it can be done.


Having combed the country looking for the best in the industry, we are now working with an award winning frame builder to produce small batches of semi-bespoke bikes. Every bike we produce has been built in collaboration with a team of designers & engineers with many decades of experience – and importantly feeds from our values about how a bike should ride. We want our bikes to be the bike you keep for many years, that take you many miles, for amazing adventures large and small.


Before you have a look at our bikes, we’d like to share the values that underpin everything we do:


Exploration & Adventure

Whether it be a 40km loop from your own driveway or a multi-day endurance race like the Transcontinental… We want to help you explore the world and make everyday on the bike and adventure (or micro-adventure). The bike is a tool, it’s a partner, it’s a mechanism to broaden your horizons.



Putting everything you possibly can, into everything you do. It’s about the people you share it with, the time you take for yourself away from the grid, it’s everything that makes us human. We have heaps of it,  and we want to share it with you through our bikes, rides, kit and blog. Come and meet us on a ride!


Testing the Limits

Limits are there to be pushed and even broken, both physically and mentally. Extraordinary things happen when we push the limits; we explore places we’d never thought existed, we hit a new segment time across the valley, and we’re rewarded by the experience.



 An absolutely critical component that we’re very happy to tie to our bikes. For us, this is about building a special connection between a rider & their bike. It needs to be an absolute blast to ride for 1hr or 22 days, and we focus on this over millisecond aero or weight advantages that can leave riders uncomfortable & exhausted.

We hope that you love the bikes as much as we do, and they help you to Love the Road even more.


Looking forward to riding with you soon!

Jamie and Barry